We understand that providing our buyers with high quality and healthy tea products and the guidance to market our brands to increase their sales and business; will only augment their trust in us. We are always seeking global partners who are interested in re-selling our personalized tea brands in their respective markets. If you are interested in partnering as a re-seller of our Ceylon Tea brands, feel free to contact us today.

Why Partner With Us

Our partner program is aimed at making the relationship with suppliers, importers and distributors a long-term and fruitful commitment for both parties. Our win-win oriented policies guarantee a continuous and reliable operation.



We are on a constant lookout for suppliers for our sourcing requirements. We work with various communities to obtain the best ingredients, labor, materials and equipment etc. We cooperate with our suppliers to co-create new capabilities, sustainable practices and better innovations to ensure the growth of our tea brands worldwide. If you wish to join our ethical tea supplier partner program, do get in touch with us.

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